ISSB Rainwater Harvesting Hits Kamuli

Posted on December 19th, 2018

Friday 14thof December, the Rotary Club – Source of the Nile –  held a grand celebration to commemorate a successful partnership with HYT in Kamuli District. The project has focused on improving Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) facilities in Schools that desperately need it. This particular drive was focused on rainwater harvesting systems.

The RotaryClub aims to bring together business and professional leaders to provide charitable humanitarian services and goodwill. Each Rotary club determines their own terms of membership and manifesto. The Source of the Nile Club focuses on South Eastern Uganda and has been the driving force of a considerable, ongoing WASH project.

Members of the Rotary Club and the Kiko Primary School delivered a series of speeches punctuated with songs and dances performed by the students.

Following the speeches and dancing it was time for Phillip Yiga, HYT Operations Manager, to step up to the microphone and explain the many benefits of Interlocking Stabilised Soil Blocks (ISSB). The tank was at the perfect stage of construction to give the curious crowd a dynamite demonstration.

Some members of the school administration had a go laying an ISSB. Johnson was quick toschool them on the art of levelling.

The seven-strong HYT team responsible for all 15 tanks have become water tank specialists. Moving from school to school building two tanks a month. During the event, the team joked of “dreaming about curved ISSB’s”.

Over the months the team have grown close working together. Individually they have all developed skills in leadership, teamwork and site management. As the Charity looks forward to the new year, these will be the young talents looking for management positions.

To round off the event ten native trees were planted on the school grounds. Deforestation is a major issue in Uganda and it is hoped that engaging children in the tree planting process will educate them on the importance of keeping trees standing.

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