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HYT’s Rainwater harvesting tanks are an economic and environmentally-friendly way to provide clean water for schools and villages.


Rainwater harvesting is an increasingly important water source for schools and communities. There is no shortage of rain in Uganda, particularly during the two rainy seasons that much of the country enjoys.

Springs, wells and boreholes however, are often a distance away from schools, meaning children spend long periods collecting water, while leaving girls particularly vulnerable and at risk. HYT’s carbon-saving rainwater harvesting tanks, however, provide a valuable additional water supply to schools, literally on tap. Since the water is immediately accessible, children are able to spend longer in school.

HYT’s environmentally-friendly water tanks have other benefits too. They are installed and ready in a matter of a few weeks; they are robust and durable, lasting ten years or more and, unlike plastic tanks, they are not easily damaged.

HYT’s tanks keep the water cool and the mosquitoes away, while providing clean, fresh water for several months each year.

According to research conducted by a well-known British quantity surveyor, HYT’s ISSB water tanks are 30% cheaper than those built with other materials, while lasting longer and providing children and staff access to water at school for the first time. During school holidays, water from the tanks is often made available to the wider community.

HYT has become expert in installing low-cost water tanks in Uganda, having done so for WaterAid Uganda (WAU), other NGO’s and the Rotary Foundation International all over Busoga. Our water tanks are popular in rural communities and in urban areas too, where mains water is often prohibitively expensive. An HYT tank provides water that is free!

The HYT water tank, constructed with curved and additionally waterproofed ISSB, are proving outstandingly successful in offering a solution to one of Uganda’s most basic humanitarian needs.