Bright future for the kids of Koboko

“Turn right at the three large telephone masts, if you enter the Democratic Republic of Congo, you’ve gone too far.” The journey to Marakulu Primary school takes you down a narrow, potholed track. The green rolling hills create a tangible sense of remoteness. “The children in this community have nowhere to learn. The closest school […]

International Women’s Day

The women at the forefront of climate-friendly construction in Africa’s refugee settlements. International award-winning charity, HYT Uganda marks International Women’s Day by celebrating the women in Uganda who are at the leading edge of sustainable innovation.  Educating girls is central to breaking the cycle of poverty in developing countries. In Uganda’s urban hubs women are […]

The female refugee champions of sustainable construction

For this year’s international women’s day HYT would like to honour the women in Uganda at the leading edge of sustainable innovation. Female education is principal in breaking the cycle of poverty in developing countries. In Uganda’s urban hubs woman are advancing in equal education and opportunity. Unfortunately, there is still work to be done […]

HYT brings affordable rainwater harvesting to Bidi Bidi refugee settlement.

HYT has built ten 20,000 litre rainwater harvesting tanks in the world’s second largest refugee settlement. The tanks will service over 22,000 teachers, students, doctors, nurses and patients. During our 2019 partnership with Mercy Corps it became clear there was a need to increase water access and security. Despite the area receiving 9 months of […]

The cutting edge of early education in Kyaka II refugee settlement

Kyaka II refugee settlement in western Uganda is home to 121,000 refugees, mostly from the Democratic Republic of Congo, 54% of whom are under 17 years old. HYT, in partnership with Children on the Edge, is excited to be involved in a pioneering, community led, Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme with a focus on long […]

Working through the lockdown

Uganda, like the rest of the world, ground to a halt in late March. Although most industries were forced to close their doors, construction and training was allowed to continue, with HYT ensuring our teams were able to live and work safely. Despite all the uncertainty and fear early in the pandemic, HYT’s team at […]

Sustainably constructed homes to support child headed families.

HYT have been working in the area Ngora to build huts using the ISSB bricks for child headed families. A child headed family is where the children have been orphaned and a child becomes the main income earner for the family. HYT started this program with Edith’s Home in November 2019 and since then have […]

Cisco’s story.

Training to be a builder and helping construct two innovation centres and four trading kiosks in Uganda’s – and Africa’s – largest refugee settlement, Bidi Bidi, was Cisco’s first proper job since he fled his home in South Sudan in September 2016. Until the environmentally-friendly construction and training programme started last May, led by award […]

Why Uganda

Why did I choose it for my Gap Year? I was originally unsure as to whether I would even take a gap year as I believed I would simply head straight to university from school. However, arriving Haileybury in lower 6th meant that I had never heard of HYT. I first heard of it in […]