2020 Greetings from HYT

We are pleased to send 2020 Greetings from our teams in Uganda and the UK, thanking you for your wonderful support. We also hope that this year is as successful for HYT as last year was.   We thought you would like to see some highlights, starting with how HYT is meeting the UN’s Sustainable […]

ISSB Excels in Strength Tests

HYT is well underway with our training project in the world’s second largest refugee settlement, Bidi Bidi. A total of 18 South Sudanese and 10 Ugandan youths are undergoing intensive training thanks to an ongoing partnership with Mercy Corps. Planning Permission In Uganda’s extreme north an environmental crisis is following its ongoing humanitarian counterpart. Trees […]

Water we doing?

In 2018 HYT built 33 ISSB water tanks in schools across Uganda, with a total capacity of 650,000 litres. Access to stored rainwater increase the time students spend learning in the classroom, by removing the need to fetch water from boreholes – an endeavour involving heavy jerrycans and multiple kilometre journeys. Plastic water tanks Most […]

An Eye Opening Visit to the World’s Second Largest Refugee Settlement: Bidi Bidi

HYT has taken the exciting first steps West of the Nile to work in the world’s second largest refugee settlement: Bidi Bidi. The settlement is home to 750,000 South Sudanese refugees making it Uganda’s, unofficial, second largest city. Yumbe Town, an NGO Epicentre Yumbe town, previously a small, rural trading centre is now a hive […]

2019: Greetings from HYT

As the new year gets underway, it is good to let you know about the last 12 months’ activity in Uganda.  Here is our latest news. I hope you enjoy reading about HYT’s year of growth and success, much of which followed the Ashden International Award in 2017. If you haven’t seen the short film […]

ISSB Rainwater Harvesting Hits Kamuli

Friday 14thof December, the Rotary Club – Source of the Nile –  held a grand celebration to commemorate a successful partnership with HYT in Kamuli District. The project has focused on improving Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) facilities in Schools that desperately need it. This particular drive was focused on rainwater harvesting systems. The RotaryClub aims […]