Charlie Tebbutt, HYT Trustee and former Assistant Country Manager, is travelling to the COP27

Charlie Tebbutt, HYT Trustee and its former Assistant Country Manager, is travelling to the COP27 conference in Egypt this week, as part of a delegation from Cornell University, where he is currently a postgraduate PhD student. 

Charlie writes: ‘Attending the United Nations Climate Change Conference is an incredible opportunity to engage with international decision makers addressing the climate impacts that I have seen affecting rural communities in Uganda and Colombia.’

Charlie’s research at Cornell uses bioacoustics, surveys and interviews with Colombian farmers to assess the value of rubber agroforestry for biodiversity conservation and peacebuilding in the Colombian Amazon. Having spent two years working with HYT in Uganda, Charlie remains supportive of the charity’s work and was instrumental in developing the reforestation programme underway in the refugee settlements of northern Uganda.

Charlie installing recording units to monitor birds in rubber agroforestry plots and secondary forest in the Colombian Amazon.

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