HYT and Water Charity Keep Trees Green, Trainees Keen and Water Clean in Mabira!

Posted on June 20th, 2018

HYT Water Charity Trainees

The Water Charity Trainees complete their final water tank at Mbogo Vocational College.


Here at Mbogo Vocational College, HYT is completing its 13th rainwater harvesting tank in Mabira, and its 6th in partnership with Water Charity. As the trainees approach the end of their training programme, we asked them about their highlights.


Trainee Juliet

Trainee Juliet completes a course of curved water tank blocks.


Juliet’s favourite task on site is “blockmaking – because it keeps you physically fit”.
Like all HYT trainees, she has learned to make Interlocking Stabilised Soil Blocks (ISSB) using the manual press from Makiga. Using this machine, trainees manufacture blocks that dry in the sun, eliminating the need for firewood or fuel in their production.


Trainee Musa

Trainee Musa cures the blocks using a watering can.


Once the blocks have dried, they can be easily stacked using the interlocking feature. Trainee Musa agrees, stating that “my favourite part of the training is building, because it is so simple”.

In this case, HYT is using curved, waterproofed blocks to build rainwater harvesting tanks capable of storing up to 20,000 L. However, a straight variant of the block can also be used to build more conventional structures, such as classrooms and housing.


Trainee Rebecca

Jenipher Nabutono supervises Rebecca using the spirit level.

Building Homes

Trainee Rebecca dreams of making her own house out of ISSB one day. Inspired by Jenipher, the first Ugandan woman to pass through HYT’s training programme, Rebecca has been working hard to learn the techniques necessary to build using this sustainable technology.


Trainee Moses

Ocura Moses is keen to absorb as many new skills as possible.


One of the team’s newest members is Ocura Moses. A successful student from Billington Vocational Training Centre, he is interning with HYT to understand the ISSB in greater depth.
He admires its versatility: “I like working with the technology, because I can fit into many tasks on site”


Porridge for HYT and Water Charity Trainees

Trainees take a well-earned porridge break after working hard on the tank.


HYT Trainer Musa confirms that Ocura and his fellow trainees have maintained a strong work ethic, trying their hands at all tasks on site. While strictly observing Ramadan himself, Musa is always pleased to see the trainees enjoying their well-deserved maize porridge. After celebrating Eid on Friday, he is now able to join them!


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