Building Dreams with HYT Uganda: The Inspiring Journey of Akatwijuka Peter

In the world of construction and development, it’s not just about building structures, it’s about building lives and careers. This is the story of Akatwijuka Peter, a young, ambitious construction manager at HYT Uganda, whose journey is nothing short of inspiring.

Peter, with ISSB in hand, on site in Koboko

Early Beginnings: A Foundation in Jinja

Born and raised in Jinja, a picturesque town known for its stunning landscapes and the source of the Nile River, Peter, now 26, always had a fascination with structures and building. This interest led him to pursue Brick Laying and Concrete Practice, which he completed at Jinja Vocational Training College in 2018. Little did he know, this was just the beginning of an exciting career path in construction.

Having studied brick laying and concrete works, Peter excelled during HYT training.

Growth and Opportunities

In 2019, Peter joined Haileybury Youth Trust  (HYT), a significant step in his professional journey. HYT Uganda, known for its commitment to sustainable construction practices, became the perfect platform for Peter to hone his skills and passion. During a 4 month training programme, Peter was quick to add Interlocking Stabilised Soil Block (ISSB) construction to his already impressive skill set. His understanding and ability to communicate the environmental benefits of ISSB shone brightly.

A Record of Achievement

Within a few years at HYT, Peter has been instrumental in the completion of several key projects. Including seven three classroom blocks, which showcased his expertise in handling large-scale projects. Five improved ventilation latrines and eight water tanks which demonstrated his ability to adapt to different structures and design.

Peter has now been involved in multiple large projects, including seven classroom blocks

The Leap to Leadership

In 2022, Peter’s dedication and skill were recognized as he became HYT’s youngest full-time construction manager. This role not only marked a significant professional milestone but also a personal achievement for Peter. Peter now manages large HYT projects and teams of up to 15 people. He is also responsible for training young men and women in all aspects of construction with a special emphasis on on ISSB.

The Impact of HYT

“I have learnt many new construction techniques, logistics planning and greatly developed my leadership skills.” Peter explains from his site in Koboko, Northern Uganda; “I have also learnt about the importance of conserving the environment and that ISSB provides a great alternative to fired bricks.” 

Perfecting ISSB construction involves rigorous quality control. The quality of Peter’s blocks show his commitment to quality.

Building a Better Future

Peter’s story is not just about constructing buildings but about laying the foundations for a better future, for himself, his family, and the communities he serves. His journey with HYT is a vivid reminder that in the world of sustainable development, every brick laid and every structure raised contributes to a larger story of transformation and hope.

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