Keeping up with Kadungulu – in Jinja!

Posted on January 31st, 2018

It’s been over a year since HYT started work in Kadungulu, training 10 youths in interlocking stabilised soil block (ISSB) technology. The project may have finished, but the graduates of the training programme have only just begun their careers as eco-friendly masons.


Eric and the Kadungulu Team

Left to right: Kadungulu Trainees Sam and Max, Trainer Eric Mposa. 


Charles, Max and Sam have made the 200 km trip to Jinja to take part in building the new resource centre for J.E.T. at St. Patrick Primary School. They’ve joined a team led by their old friend and trainer Eric Mposa.


Sam and the Billingtons

Sam catches up with Andrew and Penney Billington in Jinja.


Eric is not the only familiar face here in Jinja, however. Andrew and Penney Billington, founders of Billington Vocational Training Centre where the graduates were trained, made their own 6,000 km journey to the site in November. The Billlington’s funded the programme in Kadungulu, and were pleased to see the team using their new skills.


Max Practises Decorating in Jinja

Max inspects the rows of ISSB on the resource centre exterior.


The Jinja team is impressed by how quickly Charles and his friends are picking up English and Luganda – both foreign languages for them! At HYT, lessons continue far beyond graduation, and projects provide opportunities for masons to learn, as well as earn. The Kadungulu cohort has been practicing ceiling construction at St. Patrick, as their skills begin to go through the roof!


Max paints the resource centre

The team practices all sort of skills from block-making to plastering and painting.


Max has also used the project to hone his decorating skills, shaping the plaster carefully around the exposed brickwork. This attention to detail helps to publicise the technology, ensuring beautiful structures with visible blocks!


Children at St. Patrick

The children at St. Patrick can’t wait for their new resource centre to open!


Of course, the children of St. Patrick are the most important beneficiaries of the project. When the resource centre opens next month, they will have access to their very own library and computer services.


St. Patrick Resource Centre, Jinja

The resource centre will open in February, changing the lives of over 200 schoolchildren.


Charles, Sam and Alex are proud to take part in a project with such a positive impact. As HYT masons, they will go on to transform the lives or pupils across Uganda, building futures with their own two hands.


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