Cooking up a Storm at Makerere University!

Posted on February 23rd, 2018

Makerere University

Makerere University has produced nearly 100 years of Uganda’s finest minds, not least Dr Musaazi.


Last week, HYT visited Uganda’s prestigious Makerere University whose motto “We Build for the Future”, is an appropriate one. The team had arranged a meeting with Dr Moses Musaazi, legendary pioneer of Technology for Tomorrow, inventor of the award-winning MakaPad and, of course, the interlocking stabilised soil block (ISSB).


Dr Musaazi

Dr Musaazi shared some of his exciting new designs with the team.


Of his many inventions, HYT was here to learn more about Moses’ latest compressed earth innovation. This involves using curved blocks to manufacture energy-saving stoves and latrines.


HYT Team and Dr Musaazi

The team was keen to learn more about this simple, yet effective improvement on traditional cooking methods.


After building 16 round ISSB tanks last year, HYT is no stranger to the curved block. However, the latest design features a tighter curve, enabling the construction of stoves that can fit inside homes and institutions. According to Dr Musaazi, smoke won’t be a problem, as the stoves are up to 50% more efficient than traditional 3-stone cooking methods.


Africa Hall, Makerere

The kitchens of Makerere’s Africa Hall use innovative ISSB stoves to prepare food for the students.


Dr. Musaazi has already built over 2,000 of these stoves, some within Makerere itself. He recommended we visit Africa Hall, a residence for the university’s female students, whose kitchen staff use the stoves every day.


Moses demonstrates the stove

Chef Moses explained the added safety that comes with the stove’s capacity for insulation.


Here we met Moses, a chef who was happy to tell us about how the stoves have transformed cooking at Africa Hall:


“I really appreciate the two stoves, especially the bigger one. It’s very safe, you can even touch it!”


Kitchen Cook Stove

Flames lick erratically from the space between the two scalding sections of this metal stove.


Unlike some of the kitchen’s older, metal stoves, the ISSB versions insulate the warmth so well that the interior can stay hot all day, without emitting flames or uncomfortable levels of heat.


Moses the Chef

Moses is pleased to be a part of this innovative project, which has a range of positive impacts.


The stoves have made the kitchen a safer, healthier work environment for Moses and his colleagues. Their ability to retain heat has also reduced firewood consumption, helping to preserve a healthy environment for us all!


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Haileybury Youth Trust (HYT): Assistant Country Manager in Uganda

Posted on January 15th, 2018

HYT Assistant Manager


A unique opportunity at an exciting time for HYT.


The award-winning HYT seeks a successor to Charlie Tebbutt (OH) as Assistant Country Manager (ACM) in Uganda from summer 2018, when Charlie ends his two year term with the Trust.


Charlie is the fifth graduate OH to help lead HYT’s operation in Uganda since 2008, during which time the Trust has enjoyed considerable growth and success in promoting sustainable development in one of Africa’s most beautiful countries.


The new ACM, who reports to the Country Manager, will be passionate about and committed to the work of the Trust in promoting environmentally-friendly construction and training programmes among poor communities. She or he will have an interest in the technical aspects of the work; be resilient, adaptable, work well in a team and be determined to support the charity’s development.


The ACM will be a graduate OH, holding a degree in any subject area and will have competent IT and writing skills. Some of the responsibilities and job description may be adapted to suit the enthusiasms and experience of the successful applicant. These can include: financial & project management, community interaction & field visits, social media & marketing, funding & award applications, client liaison, volunteer supervision and basic design of structures.


This is a full-time, salaried position and it is anticipated that the ACM will serve a two year contract.


For an informal conversation about this exciting opportunity, please contact either Russell Matcham ( or Charlie Tebbutt (


Expressions of interest to Russell Matcham are asked for by 10 February 2018.


HYT looks forward to hearing from you!


Jane Sandars (The Westminster Foundation), Mauricia Nambatya (HYT), Charlie Tebbutt (HYT), Russell Matcham (HYT). Image by Andy Aitchison / Ashden.